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A Few Tips How Can You Save Your Money While Traveling

If you happen to be on a long backpacking trip then naturally consuming THREE times every day will consider its toll on your bank balance. My first treatment for this was simply not to eat 3 times a day, but excessive fat loss and soreness inducing hunger shortly lets you understand that is not sustainable solution.

Ignore the Lonely Planet

I might go as much as to say that the day cafe gets featured in the LP is the day it ceases being local eatery and is now going to frequented by hordes of backpackers wait in line cost increases, portion shrinkage and general lowering of quality and cost. So as a rule, don't eat where the LP suggests

Hit up the local marketplaces

These areas are ensured to be stocking endless quantities of tasty local food and they very very rarely charge you a foreigner cost. Most probably you will need to point, smile, perform charades and still do not know what you re ordering but its experience in itself Certainly, you might need to sit on a splintered wood bench and eat with your fingers but that is all part of the fun and for a fraction of the price too.


If you are touring in The United States, Europe, Australia, Japan etc subsequently super markets are gift from God. Its expensive to eat out every day in these nations so get your self down to the nearby supermarket preferably at the conclusion of the day when material is getting reduced and stock up for breakfast lunch the next day. You are able to pick up rolls, meats, cheese, milk for fraction of the cost of a nearby restaurant even cheaper if you go in a group, bulk buy and cook for each other.

Do not be averse to getting a veggie

Red meat is yummy. End of story. True, but you will see as you journey around the world meat is expensive, and also generally pretty lousy quality so if you might have the psychological strength to show your back on the meats world every now and again then you re food will be more affordable, high quality.

A Few Tips How Can You Save Your Money While Traveling
My first solution to this was simply not to eat THREE times each day, but extreme weight reduction and pain inducing hunger shortly enables you to know that's not a sustainable solution.

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